IWBSP – January 18-20th, 2017


Our Founder and CEO, Delphine Veissiere will present her new course entitled “International Wine Business Strategy and Practices: a resource-based view perspective” on January 18-20th 2017.

Course description

In the wine business, companies have today to solve the new issues created by the intensification of competition among the different players and the global changes that are taking place in the industry. The wine business internationalisation and the wine industry globalisation processes are forcing companies to reshape their strategic positionning and planning. Over the past decades the global wine production has undergone fundamental changes, characterized by the emergence of New World producers and the changing of the consumer behaviors. The new shape of competition has pushed towards the application of strict rules and techniques for wine standardization, processes optimization, certifications and cost reduction in order to increase the international competitiveness. At the same time, credit crunch in 2007, currency depreciations, rising fuel costs and other operative costs in wine production and distribution have generated an exacerbation of preexisting supply/demand imbalances, placing companies under financial stress. On the other side, the new consumers have introduced an overall change in drinking habits and discretionary spendings. As a result, the big players have been obliged to leave non-core businesses and run business unit disposals, reinforcing their attention exclusively on the consolidation of their global ownership while many small wine business owners are questionning about their export positions.

Contact: delphine.veissieremonti@em-strasbourg.eu