The new IT & Logistics solutions for wine lovers


As in many fields of economy, business and commerce, also for wine lovers the trends to more powerful IT and logistics solutions will bring many new services in the near future.

Services that might not be seen, as those are hidden in the back-processes of companies providing the services like logistics providers. These companies (like courier companies or large transportation networks) will continue to set up within their logistics and supply chain network the organization of the flow of information, values and in the end the products – in our case a bottle of good wine.

In the next 10 years, all solutions given are moving more and more from an internet of computers connected to one another to a more sophisticated period of the life of the internet – the internet of things. This means that the “virtual” Internet is moving more and more into the “real” world, connecting not only to computers, but also the physical objects.

Solutions are changing the way of taking decisions by logistics providers in deliveries to customers back to the the monitoring of all movements in warehouse, transportation, also including the health and safety plus security issues those solutions might bring. This requires a very strong IT instrument and solution mind set, which means having high professionals in IT solutions working close with logistics specialists.

Merging the information and values with the wines (i.e. the barcode, the QR Code or the RFID-Code) will help to locate and receive many informations. In fact, this is just the beginning of the next generation of solutions. Based on trend analysis around the globe, the IT and logistics solutions will use much more data (big data, cloud, internet, applications with smart-devices) to support much easier and quicker the movements of wine deliveries around the globe.

The implementation of upcoming IT technology and logistics solutions between virtual, digital and physical world will bring a reduction of the costs for all parties involved, which in the end is enlarging the value of the services offered to the customers in the wine market.

Solutions as mentioned above are providing for logistics operators higher transparency in their operation activities (i.e. transportation, warehousing, staff activity), which leads to a higher efficiency and coordination between all parties and system (i.e. automation of processes vs manual work) and therefore to a reduction of redundant costs and times – fundamental parameters in the world of the logistics.

Therefore, expect in the next decade to come more and more mobile computing solutions, as consumers and customers are asking more and more solutions in IT, better networks (5G), GPS location analysis, big data and cloud computing.

Talking about wine business solutions, the following list might give a short overview:

  • In future the whole supply and logistics chain from the producer to the consumer is connected
  • The “things” in between (i.e. machines, vineyard, bottles, packagings, shippings) will be connected to each other once linked into this system network and talk (collect data, receive and send information, process information)
  • Stronger connection between different technologies including the local wireless-solutions, networks and devices (i.e. RFID, Bluetooth, 4G)
  • Use of consumer-oriented devices, applications and further technologies.
  • This means that actions taken in the digital world might result in an action within the physical world (e.g. scanning a label of a wine bottle in a restaurant, receiving all information about the wine, the price and the availability from a wineshop. This enables then to place directly and order and the wine is arriving 24 hours later to the home of the customer or a predefined pick-up location)