White to overtake red as demand for lighter wines grows


According to the Vinexpo/IWSR report published these days, the number of consumers drinking wine is unlikely to grow over the immediate future. More important, however, is the clear trend away from quantity to quality wines, especially for purchases intended for consumption at home. Having said this, wines around the €9.00 mark currently maintain the largest share of the market. The biggest average growth rate is currently found in the price range between €10.00-12.49, followed by healthy increases in the €17.50-€19.99 price bracket.

For most countries of origin, value wines are expected to lose volume over the coming years, simply due to the high taxes in the Finnish market and it becoming virtually impossible to offer wines at a retail price below €7.00. Generally, Finnish consumers are happy to spend more on wine they recognise as being of good quality. Knowledge about wines is increasing as a direct result of this. The main channel for premium wines is the ordering assortment from Alko, ostensibly a click and collect service.

Consumption of white wine continues to grow. Sweet white wines are declining at the monopoly, but smooth, lighter white varietals are gaining. This development is expected to continue throughout the forecast period. Rosé is also growing strongly. Summer remains peak season for the segment. French and Portuguese wines are benefiting the most. Overall, category volumes are expected to be relatively static over the coming period, but with a notable shift from the standard to the premium segment, as well as from red to white varietals.