The WTBA Consulting company has been founded by Delphine Veissiere, PhD in 2012 to help the stakeholders of the wine industry to choose the best way to manage their interests and objectives. The wine industry is now facing new challenges, withstanding a globalized, complex and competitive market and it also represents for the VC, wine investors and portfolio managers a placement not to neglect. We are convinced that the wine companies – including the wine division conglomerates – have to deal with increasing external and internal threats and they need to develop a strategic resilience to self-renew over time their main targets and manage their portfolio.

WTBA consulting aims to design transitional business strategy plans and operational details to help wine industry CEOs and executives shape their business model. We believe that corporate strategy should integrate new IT technologies at each step of the value chain because they can be crucial elements to leverage the reputation and the company brand, bringing added value to a higher level. We help the wine company to take the new actions in different operational areas such as production, distribution, packaging, marketing and product placement.

Our monthly magazine brings together key insights about wine business strategy and equity analysis. It presents a summary of our monthly new research to download on our website.

At the moment, WTBA consulting remains Milan-based for some of our client work, 2017 should be the nail year for establishing a progressive global presence.

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